Monday, September 24, 2012

The winding and beautiful path of life

My path has been winding and beautiful, and yes sometimes painful. A childhood journey captured in the horrors of religious mind control and abuse, escaping to the streets and traveling a spiraling path of self-abuse I ended over 22 years ago.

I then hit the road of self-discovery and found the incredible power of compassion and my purpose to serve others, up the mountain reaching heights of success accompanied by a team who shared my passion to give victims a voice and finding there is nothing that compares to accompanying and helping someone along when they needed life's road assistance.

I've taken an occasional walk through my past to glean lessons and empower thyself in preparation for uphill climbs. Sometimes taking that turn onto the bumpy but necessary road leading into dark passages of the mind to process trauma. A road that occasionally requires driving uncomfortably close to the edge peering into dark canyons below but makes one drive a bit more cautiously to ensure safety.

No, I took no short-cuts but that has been the most beautiful part of my journey. I discovered I could navigate the most difficult terrain yet always find the beauty in a sunset or mountain view of the sun rising once again.~ Kym L. Pasqualini