Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Caught in the Shadows

Traveling down a path so dark one loses sight - catching glimpses of random faces you try hard to recognize. Lost in the shadows no one can see you as you pass by. 


Inner haunting plaguing the mind . . . on this path one is not sure what they will find. Searching the faces, for one familiar and bright - to pull you back in from the darkness to light. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

Monday, September 24, 2012

The winding and beautiful path of life

My path has been winding and beautiful, and yes sometimes painful. A childhood journey captured in the horrors of religious mind control and abuse, escaping to the streets and traveling a spiraling path of self-abuse I ended over 22 years ago.

I then hit the road of self-discovery and found the incredible power of compassion and my purpose to serve others, up the mountain reaching heights of success accompanied by a team who shared my passion to give victims a voice and finding there is nothing that compares to accompanying and helping someone along when they needed life's road assistance.

I've taken an occasional walk through my past to glean lessons and empower thyself in preparation for uphill climbs. Sometimes taking that turn onto the bumpy but necessary road leading into dark passages of the mind to process trauma. A road that occasionally requires driving uncomfortably close to the edge peering into dark canyons below but makes one drive a bit more cautiously to ensure safety.

No, I took no short-cuts but that has been the most beautiful part of my journey. I discovered I could navigate the most difficult terrain yet always find the beauty in a sunset or mountain view of the sun rising once again.~ Kym L. Pasqualini

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Now I break my silence. This is the man who only served 3.5yrs on an original 1st degree murder charge for the death of Christopher(age 5). My step-brother. 

Front page of the San Francisco Chronicle (1972). He made an insanity plea and released into my life. 

Despite reports I made to police in 1979, in an effort to escape the horror and protect my younger siblings, I was never heard. I maintain copies of these reports as recent as 2004 as I have remained a target of his effort to discredit me. I repeatedly informed authorities of the years I was held in iso
lation by a man who proclaimed himself God but could only be compared to Manson and Jim Jones. Law enforcement had multiple chances to save us. In fact,  Dutchess Co. Sheriff was called to our farm in Poughquag, NY by a disciple who escaped informing officials we were being held hostage - he was arrested and released again! This became a cycle that appeared to be unbreakable.

I have survived living a daily nightmare but now I publicly identify the man who many years ago handed me my life sentence to live with Complex PTSD, haunted by memories, and suffer continued harassment as recent as 2010. Timothy Ley remains free living in Phoenix, AZ.

Though the system does not typically protect victims or encourage speaking out, I await the day he will stand before the Almighty to be handed his eternal sentence. By all means don't hesitate to visit his YouTube channel. It's a don't miss . . . while smoking pot and ranting about how he is the Chosen One, he claims he has harmed no other being. Ask me about that! Timelyjah - YouTube

Ironically his blog is called Will no Harm on All Beings at

the American Church of Religious Freedom 

I have the years of documentation and currently working on a book. For many years I have shared my story to female inmates and also to law enforcement to raise awareness and encourage more empathy in the workplace.

I have vowed I will not let this man Silence Me or hide a history of evil and harm against others behind the cloak of goodness. Timothy Ley NOW HEAR MY VOICE!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kym's Thoughts - Are we leaving a legacy of love or pain?

Ohhhhh noooooo Kym is thinking again! So here it is, and I feel this the most important accomplishment in life we should strive to achieve. First we need to ask ourselves, are we leaving a legacy of love or pain?

Before you bow your head in prayer, light candles or get down upon your knees to pray . . . consider what I have to share.

The basic definition of compassion is the desire to relieve another's suffering or misfortune. Throughout history, ancient texts to include t
he Bible, the Quran, Buddha's teachings, to the sacred Hindu texts written prior to 1500 B.C. teach us to strive to attain moral excellence by living by the simple principal of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Greeks considered compassion, self-control, and charity as essential virtues of a peaceful humanity. Taking these teachings into consideration, I ask why would someone would bow their head in prayer to ask God to alleviate the pain or misfortune another human is experiencing - when in fact "we humans" were tasked with this responsibility?

It is us humans who were given such a simple task yet the inability to live by these principals in our daily lives. First is to provide comfort to others driven by a heart of understanding and compassion, next to exercise self-control so we do not contribute to the pain of another by tongue or hand, and the final part to the equation is to practice charity - which simply means to take action.

In my opinion, we live in a society where the true meaning of "strength" is not understood nor is it exercised as intended. We do not need to take up arms toward another to demonstrate our strength - true strength is the ability to treat others with kindness.

Are we so concerned with ourselves or simply too ignorant to understand the essential need of others is love? To demonstrate love we must exercise self-control, always remaining cognizant of other's feelings. Finally, we must take action to deliver our care for one another. Are we satisfied to just party each day away with superficial connection to other? Do we just exist day to day to leave nothing behind of meaning of our human spirit? How do we want to be remembered? It all seems pretty simple to me.

So, the next time we bow our heads in prayer, I suggest we should be asking God to assist us with "our own weaknesses" and ask for the strength necessary to simply love one another. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini ♥