Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wonderment of Wanderlust

Since I was a child, I have always viewed the world with such wonderment, and at times, people have entered my life who create the same feeling of awe.

I can look in amazement at the universe, see the beauty of the stars, or simply find myself spontaneously stopping alongside a road to simply gaze at the awe-inspiring view of a mountain while imagining the stories of visitors who experienced the same feeling centuries before me.

I have found myself inspired by the aura brightly emanating from within the soul of another human being; one can tell when looking into their eyes and feeling the warmth of their shine. I know instantly they are of kindred spirit and someone I want to include in my life adventures. I don't have to travel far to experience such wonder, I only have to be perceptive enough to notice.

Never losing this sense of amazement has created Wanderlust in me, the urge to adventure about the world, at times somewhat aimlessly, just to see what I can see. It is not simply a curiosity, it is an appreciation of the world around me.

I can find beauty lying on a desert rock staring at the stars (I live in Arizona so fields are somewhat scarce), or listening to the rushing water next to a stream, even driving to a new little town and walking into a nearly empty pub filled with seniors who must have sat on the same bar stool for nearly 60 years. Oh, the stories and laughs they can share and their inner light still shining bright. Truth is, I can see light in everything around me, even while listening to the echoes of the forest on the darkest of nights.

We are granted such a short time on this earth and I'm not one to waste a minute, though I am certain my bucket list will still be overflowing on my day to depart. When I'm nearing that day and looking back, I can say I suffered from the most wonderful condition  . . . Wanderlust. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Honor of Greatness of Spirit

Tonight was the most inspiring tribute to an extraordinary and humble Man who touched my life, who became a mentor, who in this last year kicked me in the azzzzz a few times, encouraged me with kindness and inspired me to get back up on the horse I rode in on. His amazing family will continue his legacy of love and kindness, and I shall forever honor him in my actions toward others . . . and hear his gentle reminders to believe in me and never give up in pursuit of my goals. He lived 80-yrs making this world a better place. Rest in Peace Richard "Poppy" Leger.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking a personal inventory

Life, what a wondrous experience but brief time we all have here. Thinking about the short time we have, are we making it the most fascinating and fulfilling it can be?

At times throughout our lives, it may be important to take an inventory of our intentions, our mission in life, and what we are doing to improve the lives of others. While we carefully conduct our own inventory, we must include an inventory of those we surround ourselves with.

Do those we grant precious time with truly share our values, respect us, and contribute to the fascinating life we strive to live? Do they share our visions or simply have a shallow concept of our inner being? Sometimes, we must ask ourselves if  we are just momentarily fascinated with some or possibly existing in an ego-based state. If so, we are passing up opportunities to explore the world with those who are equally motivated, who "get us", and have pure intentions.

Taking a personal inventory requires cleaning out our closets, and at times, moving beyond our current relationships in order to make room and "time" for those truly deserving of our attention. This doesn't mean we abandon our friends and acquaintances, it means evaluating where we are coming from in our own hearts and aligning ourselves with those who share our ideals. It is easy to overlook the shine in others if we are focused ourselves.

If we remain cognizant of the clock ticking away, it is harder to take people for granted and we will not be forced to look back on missed opportunities. To create a life of inner balance, we must also ensure the environment we operate in to be equally in balance with us. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loss, Legacy, and Bliss - In Memory of Richard Leger

Today, facing the death of a special person in my life, I borrow the word "bliss" from another friend who I also admire and consider an "old soul." While consoling me, the word "bliss" was used in association with "going to heaven" and I found it comforting. It also got me thinking.

We as humans have many attachments. Loss in our lives can be an incredibly painful life event. When faced with losing someone we love, we experience intense pain and sadness. We find it difficult to see the future without them and loss brings about feelings of ambiguity. 

While contemplating the emotions we feel when someone we loved has passed away, I began wondering if we experience such incredible sadness because we don't understand where they are going. Though we may never understand the dynamic of the universe and where we go when we die, I came to the conclusion it is more important to focus on the legacy we leave.

A legacy is defined as something we leave behind to our family, including reputation. Yes, it can be a bequest of money or property, but also a simple way of being which I consider more valuable than any material possession we could leave to those we love. When someone we love passes away, while we feel great loss, it is very important to focus on the contributions they made to the world, the good deeds, wisdom, and goodness they shared with others.

Because we all inevitably will face death, there are some important questions we should ask ourselves. Would we rather be remembered as a person who made a difference in the lives of others, or a person who only cared about our own success? Are we an individual of pure intent or do we have an agenda? Are we out to help others, or just out for ourselves? Are we contributing to make the world a better place, or are we taking up space contributing to the chaos and sadness that exists? These are just a few of the questions that should be considered.

I have had the honor to know some of the most incredible individuals in this world, those who I admire and a few I have considered mentors (they know who they are). To me, these exceptional human beings have represented integrity, compassion, and a true love for others. Their lives are a testament of the loving souls inhabiting a body for a short time on this planet. They prove those with generous spirit do exist. 

Today one of these exceptional people who touched my life passed into Bliss. We all called him Poppy and I considered him a mentor who was very grandfatherly to me. Though his passing is a great loss to this world, he lived 80 years on this planet, and for the time I knew him - he did not waste a minute. He was the person who walked into the room and made everyone smile, despite any pain he might have been experiencing. 

My heart does ache for all who loved him dearly, especially his beautiful and caring children who have all treated me as if I were born into the family. Each personify the beautiful qualities of their father. His wish was to be at home to pass into "Bliss" and all surrounded him with love during his last days.

Spending some last moments with him was important to me. I needed to thank him for the impact he made in my life, for the encouragement and moral support he shared at a time I needed it most. I shared my recent accomplishments and felt it important to credit him because of the gift of inspiration he gave to me. He was moved and in his last moments, again offered me encouragement to keep going. This was a man who wore his heart on his sleeve and never missed an opportunity to brighten another's world.

I have now come to the conclusion the "gift of inspiration" must be the most important legacy we could ever leave behind. What is better than inspiring someone else to carry on kindness? 

I write this in memory of Richard Ledger who went to be with the love of his life Mary Lu (together since they were teens and now forever in Bliss), and in honor of his very special family that I am certain will carry on his legacy of kindness.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paying Hope Forward

Hope has been the fundamental source of strength during my journey through life. As early as I can remember, those times when I had lost hope, I had also temporarily lost my ability to move forward, finding myself immobilized by the self-imposed barriers that made my world appear dark, like there was no way out.

Receiving validation and a reminder of my accomplishments from those who cared for my well-being enabled me to tap into my resilience and challenge myself to overcome adversity. To me, hope is the magic of transformation. Most importantly, paying hope forward allows us to help others, which in return helps heal ourselves. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

Writing Assignment for Teaching Recovery Pathways

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heart Balance

Let your heart guide you in your thought and action.
The heart being the superior organ, brings balance to the misbehaved mind through good intent. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

This morning, I spent part of the morning pondering why the mind becomes so caught up in the external busyness and negativity around us, resulting in the mind becoming noisy with internal chatter, thus misbehaving in a sense.

I know for myself, I must force myself to slow down in order to listen to my intuition. This enables me to let my heart (that is filled with good intention), lead the way and keep the brain on the straight and narrow.