Friday, August 16, 2013

Think with your head not your heart?

Think with your head and not your heart may be good advice in the cut-throat business world but the chaos in the world reflects the abandonment of virtues associated with the heart. 

We humans tend to over-complicate the most natural and simple things in life. We contemplate what our purpose is, wonder why we are here on earth, wonder why the world is in chaos, spend years in educational institutions to "learn" but they fail to teach the most important lesson of life . . . heart intelligence.

During mummification, the Egyptians threw away the brain, as it computes facts and figures but considered useless without human experience. Modern-day scientists have studied heart transplant recipients to learn why recipients undergo personality changes and have proven the heart, in fact, has its own intelligence.

Our heart intelligence is independent of the brain, yet helps us makes sense of everything the brain collects throughout our lives. Everything our brain knows is useless if not guided by the heart.

Our hearts contain inherent knowledge that guide us. The place of wisdom, compassion, empathy, intuition, forgiveness, and the ability to make good choices that allows us to live our purpose.

If we spent even a fraction of the time we spend in school learning about facts and figures, and instead focused on how to expand our wisdom of the heart, we would be living the answers to life's questions. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini