Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When our life mission chooses us

Sometimes, we don't choose what we fight for, it sometimes it chooses us. 

We call it our mission, despite some days feeling we are not in position, our hearts lead the way, becoming our driving force.

Despite suffering unimaginable horrors, our hearts never hardened, compassion remains, and we know injustice need not be pardoned. 

Through pain we learned to strive and become a powerful voice for others because we survived. 

Our hands extended, reaching out, we know all too well - looking the other way is not what life is about. 

Though we may not have told you our own story, our voices for others became powerful. With love and compassion, the suffering of others we penetrate. It is love that drives us, not hate.

We didn't choose the pain we try not to show, for empowering others becomes our glow. We are Advocates and through us . . . Truth Be Told. 

Written by Kym L. Pasqualini in Honor of Every Advocate and My Brother Scotty who has never left my side.

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