Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RSS Rape

When you find the person that raped you for years as a child has an RSS feed to your blog!


Child Sexual Abuse Stalking Victim

I wish I could explain to people what this feels like . . . but I know people would rather ignore this disturbing issue entirely. What if this was happening to your wife, daughter, sister, mother? What needs to happen for people to hear?

#CourageUp #PTSDAwareness #PTSDWarrior

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Significant Impact

I believe there is a reason I survived having a stroke on October 14, 2014.

I thought my struggle with PTSD was bad until I suffered a left hemispheric brain stroke and felt the vulnerability, hopelessness and fear of being confined inside my body without independent mobility.

The entire experience changed my life . . . for the better! No doubt, I appreciate each minute so much more.

The stroke caused me to take serious inventory of my life - and count my blessings.

I appreciate the friends and family who have stood by me and offered encouragement every time I have whined. Those who remind me of my capabilities when I was lacking confidence.

In short, I owe a sincere thanks to everyone who has lit a fire under my azz, for reminding me there is a reason I am still here and that I am blessed with a continued opportunity to leave my footprint on this earth.

#StrokeSurvivor #PTSDWarrior #CourageUp