Friday, March 28, 2014


I often wonder why people try to live a lie, their entire world contrived. Sadly, some people are "experts in deception", no regard for the heart of another, thinking they avoid detection.

Do they really believe their calculated effort to create an artificial existence will not produce resistance? I guess some fail to learn one can lie by omission, their motivation to dazzle others, deliberately disguising their personal transgressions.

Attempting to avoid discovery, they only climb deeper into their own self-deception, failing to realize their ambiguous interrelation reveals numerous contradictions. Complicating lives, disrupting the trust some fight so hard to maintain, creating resentment and strain.

Such a waste to surrender reality, using blatant slight of hand, a clear violation of another person's faith in one's integrity. Mystification, protecting one's self-image . . . would it not be easier to be real, and live with faith you would more than likely receive favorable reception in exchange for deception. We are all human, made up of flaws but unless we face forward and claim what is ours, we "choose" to remain a deceiver, a fabricator, and for those with malicious intent, forever will remain elusive rectitude, integrity and common decency. Which life would you choose? ~ Kym L. Pasqualini
 — feeling meh