Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding Your Voice

Okay, I know everyone would like to hear something positive! Truth is, this has been an incredibly challenging time in my life and I believe in keeping it real and sharing the good and the bad.

As I reflect back nearly twenty years, I sit her today thinking about the most inspiring people I have ever met - and they are still the many parents of missing persons. I remain in awe of their strength and courage because though I have not walked in their shoes, just walking in my size has challenged my body, mind, and spirit.

I now know when we must be our own family's advocate and voice, it is necessary to muster every ounce of strength and courage to simply get our words out (that may be why Oralia Ortega, News 12 reporter) was here for 3 hours! She did go above and beyond and an incredibly compassionate new journalist we are blessed to have in the valley. What it comes down to is no matter how sick, emotionally drained, isolated, or alone we may feel - giving up is not an option. The many families of the missing who I consider Warriors have taught me to never give up Hope and as John Walsh has told us all throughout the years - NEVER stop speaking out. ♥

So, with that being said I am told we are told we have enough to pay rent by Monday's deadline and waiting for it to arrive and it is because of all of you and News 12. I submitted my resume to six companies who responded to the story so those odds are looking better too! :)

I still can not exaggerate the impact crime has on the family unit. There is such disconnect between state victim assistance and the behavioral health field that families are not afforded time to heal but the deficiencies actually contribute to additional crisis in crime's aftermath. The reporter did ask if I have been called to a new mission . . . knowing we are not the only one's - in time - I assure the state they have not heard the last from me. Right now, it is time to rebuild, renew, and heal.

Again, your support to help us get through crisis, your prayers, driving to appointments, opening your doors (you know who you are), the check-in calls, and the texts to ask how we are doing - not one kind gesture has gone unappreciated. Words still do not appropriately express the true depth of gratitude my heart feels but please know you have helped us have a chance. At some time in the future I am assured by those in the justice system that the public will hear just how much of an impact you have made as inevitably more details become public. I also thank you on behalf of a very resilient young hero in my life. ♥

KPNX News 12 Tells Our Story

So many people and individuals we have never met have reached out, even offering to let us move in with them.  I am forever indebted to you all and words can't begin to really express what my heart feels. 

Part of our lives was ripped away when we were already facing difficult times. We only pray to re-stabilize, for mom to go back to work, to be able to take drives to the lake, and have time to heal. The simple things. I want most of all to see my daughter be able to enjoy the rest of her childhood. ♥ Thank you News 12 and everyone who has embraced us.