Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking a personal inventory

Life, what a wondrous experience but brief time we all have here. Thinking about the short time we have, are we making it the most fascinating and fulfilling it can be?

At times throughout our lives, it may be important to take an inventory of our intentions, our mission in life, and what we are doing to improve the lives of others. While we carefully conduct our own inventory, we must include an inventory of those we surround ourselves with.

Do those we grant precious time with truly share our values, respect us, and contribute to the fascinating life we strive to live? Do they share our visions or simply have a shallow concept of our inner being? Sometimes, we must ask ourselves if  we are just momentarily fascinated with some or possibly existing in an ego-based state. If so, we are passing up opportunities to explore the world with those who are equally motivated, who "get us", and have pure intentions.

Taking a personal inventory requires cleaning out our closets, and at times, moving beyond our current relationships in order to make room and "time" for those truly deserving of our attention. This doesn't mean we abandon our friends and acquaintances, it means evaluating where we are coming from in our own hearts and aligning ourselves with those who share our ideals. It is easy to overlook the shine in others if we are focused ourselves.

If we remain cognizant of the clock ticking away, it is harder to take people for granted and we will not be forced to look back on missed opportunities. To create a life of inner balance, we must also ensure the environment we operate in to be equally in balance with us. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini