Friday, November 8, 2013


I think this really summed up my day after Mr. Jackson and Pat Betsy Jenkins decided to be the reflection of human cruelty that is so rampant in the world today, at me, on my FB page. 

This kind of bullying and harassment has gone on for several years now. While these individuals would like to destroy my ability to persevere, I would like to educate them and the obvious ignorance they reflect. I can't change the evil in one's heart but I will not succumb to it!

One of Pat the Pitbull's comments, "I image Kym will go rock in a corner now and blame it on the PTSD."

Wow, really?

Having C-PTSD and sharing the day to day struggles publicly is not about whining or wanting someone to feel sorry for me . . . or playing the victim as I was accused of today. It is about raising awareness of the number of people with C-PTSD/PTSD that commit suicide each day, our veterans and other abuse/rape survivors. We have bad days and damn it, if I have the courage to share my struggles and not off myself . . . maybe someone else will hold on too!

Being the target of bullying by adults is still abuse and in my opinion a weaker character's way of attempting to dominate, kind of like a dog that pisses all over everything. So here is my response to these pretty cruel individuals, but especially the female dog.

*FIRST - What my brother Scott and I survived as children is well documented and was more horrific than Keith Jackson could think up for his haunted house. We are lucky to be alive and living with C-PTSD.

* SECOND - As far as a job you ask??? I now struggle to perform daily tasks but both my brother and I, we have beaten statistics during our lives, both CEO's for nearly 20yrs. CEO's of companies we built, NEVER taking credit for some else's hard work or tripped anyone on our way up.

*THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANT - When you feel you can laugh and make light of what is has been like to live with any form of PTSD, you reflect your pure and utter ignorance by dismissing the struggle faced by every veteran, rape victim, and other child sexual abuse survivor. NOT TO MENTION our brother Christopher who was only five and murdered by the same man who confined us for nearly five years. Have you any idea?

*FOURTH - the next time you feel you have something to say about me sharing one of my rough days with the public but especially with those who also have C-PTSD/PTSD . . . remember this, I may be tired but I have the courage to "rock myself back upright" each time I fall or am pushed!

So, Pat the Pitbull, when trying to attack me, at least have the balls to stand up and use your own name to try bully me. I can at least respect a person who is not a CREEPING COWARDESS!

For those offended, de-friend/block me please!

Kym L. Pasqualini

While my opinions and writing do not reflect the group Women With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Information, I do encourage people to please, please educate yourself about C-PTSD/PTSD and Bullying. I may have made it through this attack by these two individuals today but there are others who won't if bullying is not stopped.