Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wonderment of Wanderlust

Since I was a child, I have always viewed the world with such wonderment, and at times, people have entered my life who create the same feeling of awe.

I can look in amazement at the universe, see the beauty of the stars, or simply find myself spontaneously stopping alongside a road to simply gaze at the awe-inspiring view of a mountain while imagining the stories of visitors who experienced the same feeling centuries before me.

I have found myself inspired by the aura brightly emanating from within the soul of another human being; one can tell when looking into their eyes and feeling the warmth of their shine. I know instantly they are of kindred spirit and someone I want to include in my life adventures. I don't have to travel far to experience such wonder, I only have to be perceptive enough to notice.

Never losing this sense of amazement has created Wanderlust in me, the urge to adventure about the world, at times somewhat aimlessly, just to see what I can see. It is not simply a curiosity, it is an appreciation of the world around me.

I can find beauty lying on a desert rock staring at the stars (I live in Arizona so fields are somewhat scarce), or listening to the rushing water next to a stream, even driving to a new little town and walking into a nearly empty pub filled with seniors who must have sat on the same bar stool for nearly 60 years. Oh, the stories and laughs they can share and their inner light still shining bright. Truth is, I can see light in everything around me, even while listening to the echoes of the forest on the darkest of nights.

We are granted such a short time on this earth and I'm not one to waste a minute, though I am certain my bucket list will still be overflowing on my day to depart. When I'm nearing that day and looking back, I can say I suffered from the most wonderful condition  . . . Wanderlust. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini