Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Now I break my silence. This is the man who only served 3.5yrs on an original 1st degree murder charge for the death of Christopher(age 5). My step-brother. 

Front page of the San Francisco Chronicle (1972). He made an insanity plea and released into my life. 

Despite reports I made to police in 1979, in an effort to escape the horror and protect my younger siblings, I was never heard. I maintain copies of these reports as recent as 2004 as I have remained a target of his effort to discredit me. I repeatedly informed authorities of the years I was held in iso
lation by a man who proclaimed himself God but could only be compared to Manson and Jim Jones. Law enforcement had multiple chances to save us. In fact,  Dutchess Co. Sheriff was called to our farm in Poughquag, NY by a disciple who escaped informing officials we were being held hostage - he was arrested and released again! This became a cycle that appeared to be unbreakable.

I have survived living a daily nightmare but now I publicly identify the man who many years ago handed me my life sentence to live with Complex PTSD, haunted by memories, and suffer continued harassment as recent as 2010. Timothy Ley remains free living in Phoenix, AZ.

Though the system does not typically protect victims or encourage speaking out, I await the day he will stand before the Almighty to be handed his eternal sentence. By all means don't hesitate to visit his YouTube channel. It's a don't miss . . . while smoking pot and ranting about how he is the Chosen One, he claims he has harmed no other being. Ask me about that! Timelyjah - YouTube

Ironically his blog is called Will no Harm on All Beings at

the American Church of Religious Freedom 

I have the years of documentation and currently working on a book. For many years I have shared my story to female inmates and also to law enforcement to raise awareness and encourage more empathy in the workplace.

I have vowed I will not let this man Silence Me or hide a history of evil and harm against others behind the cloak of goodness. Timothy Ley NOW HEAR MY VOICE!