Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seeing Light in the Distance

At times, we see others from afar and the distance can be inches to miles in between.
Maybe it protects us from those things we would prefer remain unseen.
Vulnerabilities concealed, yet the highest walls fail to hide a pain that exists deep inside.

For those who possess, it takes great courage and strength to reveal.
Facing a path that darkness appears to have consumed, an outstretched hand can help us once again stand.
Those who "choose" to walk that journey alongside possess a deep human virtue that one cannot hide.
Empathy has the power to wipe away tears to strengthen another to fight away fears.
Like the rarest gem on this planet earth, they are like a star shining bright, a lighthouse that governs the safest route.
It is not always easy to accompany one through the shadows of life but if you are one of those gems that shine so bright, know that you are the few that help turn darkness to light. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini

* Dedicated to anyone who has suffered trauma and those who are not faint of heart and advocate healing