Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fighting Against the Tide of Hopelessness

Did you realize, every 40 seconds someone commits suicide? Teens who were bullied, veterans and rape victims, witnesses to crime, those with terminal illness, and yes those suffering with psychiatric disorders. People tend to lump everyone into one category being the latter. Possibly applying a stigma to all, helps those who do not understand pain and hopelessness.

If someone you know is suffering please do not tell them to pray . . . maybe they never stopped. Please do not tell them they have to be strong . . . we cannot possibly understand the battle they have already waged. Please do not tell them things could be worse . . . for them fear has already replaced hope.

Suicide is preventable and the most effective treatment is so simple. If you don't understand, learn. Much depends upon removing the isolation and creating a support system that includes family, friends, and professionals (none are less important than the other). Making fun, demeaning someone and using empty  platitudes or clich├ęs lacking compassion can cause more damage but simply using the words "you are not alone" can save lives.