Monday, October 29, 2012

Message from an Advocate

I'm not not all doom and gloom I just write about things that matter to me. I feel sharing one's personal journey, wherever it may lead is how we learn.

To anyone who may perceive my writing as negative or something possibly hits a nerve, it should not be taken personally but it is meant to hit nerves. My written expressions are not directed toward any specific individual. I happen to believe there is strength in being real and I've never been one to "create a persona" of what I want people to think of me. 

We do live in a beautiful and magical world b
ut unfortunately it is not Disneyland. I just know I have learned the most from those who have shared not only their triumphs but the time they spent in the dark trenches of struggle.

The last two decades my advocacy has focused primarily on missing persons and homicide victims. I never anticipated finding myself advocating for rape victims, child sexual abuse survivors or those in poverty but I find too many fall through the cracks of obscurity. Also, I never knew it would become an incredible journey of my own spiritual growth. 

Whether writing from personal experience or something my heart won't turn away from, one thing I am certain of - I've known my mission on this earth is not to paint a picture of what I would like to see but to expose what some do not want to see.