Sunday, June 10, 2012

Linkedin Hackers & Adult Cyber-Stalkers

I'm not malicious, nor vindictive but I do believe KARMA can and will inevitably make a public example of those who attempt to harm others. Intent to damage my credibility and professional relationships clearly reflect total lack of humanity, integrity, and professionalism. More important to me is the vicious intent to attempt to hinder my ability to care for my child who has already suffered enough from cruelty of predators and your actions don't place you far above or below on the scale of evil. When you make a decision to act upon ill will and your actions have the potential to harm a child; those damages can't begin to be quantified. 

Just to address a few of the revisions you made to my accomplishments on Linkedin. 

Dancer at Pole Dancers USA. At 47, I appreciate the compliment but I was never graceful enough to swing on a pole.

Psychic at the Land of Oz? No, but I don't need to be a psychic to know who you are.

Founder at Nowhere? You can't erase history. My contributions to society are well-documented and you can be assured I'm not done by any means. 

Inmate 456789? I can't say I would have been a guest at the West Wing of the White House two times if I were a felon. They do have the highest security. I admit I have enjoyed every moment I have volunteered my time to women in prison because they are women who need to feel valued and deserve a second chance. I will be happy to donate my time and visit you as well. 

I'm not making light of what you did because the intent is to hurt and nothing less than bullying by an adult. However, rest assured what you think of me will not stop me from continuing to do what is important to me - I think 20 years of service to others speaks volumes about my character. The adversity I have faced and overcome in my life is a testament to determination and pure will.

My advice to you is to stop using under-handed methods and public anonymity to attack me. In fact, the best advice I can give you is to be the professional you present yourself to be and stop wasting your time and letting the valuable tools gained that were developed to help others go to waste! 

Kym L. Pasqualini