Thursday, June 28, 2012

Honoring My Little Hero ~

I pray for all children to be loved by both parents, free to live without harm. May they never feel abandoned, always protected, and live without fear or tears of rejection. I pray for little hearts - may they find inner peace, never alone when they feel they must weep. I pray they see beauty, never shoulder the shame, or feel they must ever internalize blame.

For families who feel their foundation rocked and shaking, I pray your pleas are heard by others who embrace you with ease. While the trauma that lingers does not go away in a day, a month, and may even take years - hold on and believe your home will one day again be filled with love, laughter, and cheer.

I pray those who harm children are dealt with swiftly and justly so they may never hurt, wound, or steal another innocent soul. For those who played out evil, this I can assure - you will never walk free for the sentence you imparted -should I hold the key.

I pray for the parent shaking in worry heartbroken, such witness to pain, a piece of their heart stolen where a scar shall remain. I pray for that child who musters the courage, to look into the eyes of those who do evil then stand there and lie. Hard to imagine a child strong enough to relive a tragedy while in public view but her testimony can free her from all this fear, when the jury has risen and gavel smashed down for all to hear. We must never forget the sacrifice of one little hero, who must find inner strength, in order to speak - because that one little voice, so strong and determined- they get their due - ensures the door locks behind so those incarcerated will never visit you. ~ Kym L. Pasqualini